Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Perils of Apartment Living

Well, this afternoon was quite exciting, and not in a good way. I was in my bedroom, tidying up my bookcases and looking for a book to re-read, when I heard voices in the breezeway. That in itself was not unusual, but then I heard a key in the lock. Very unusual. Here's why.

I have 4 house keys. I have one. Little One has a key. Mother O' Jud has a key and I keep a spare at work. Little One is with Mother O' Jud this weekend and they are not due back until tomorrow. My adrenalin started pumping and I reached for my personal protection.

I pulled grabbed my pistol from its holster and racked a round. While not the best weapon for close quarters defense, a 9mm hollow point at close range should ruin a burglar's day. As I turned the corner, I saw a pair of 20-something stoner white boys, shirtless and holding cans of beer saying "This ain't her place."

When they saw me, they started to apologize. When they saw the pistol in my hands, hammer back they raised their hands and backed away. Pupps 2.0 went nuts, barking and running around their ankles. They explained that they were trying to find some chicks apartment and had no clue why the key worked in my door. I didn't either, and they apologized again and headed out.

As they beat feet down the stairs, my shaking hands called the complex management. I called the emergency maintenance dude and had him come and re-key my locks. They responded quickly, but I must say I am still a bit rattled. I think I will be loading the coach shotgun with shome #4 shot and keeping it bedside tonight, just to ease my nerves a bit.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Looking Ahead to the Holiday Weekend

One of the nice things about not being married (or at least being separated) is that your social calendar is yours to manage. That can also be a negative. The NQEW is a social animal and she would have made plans for the family for the holiday. Going camping, heading to the lake, getting out of town, going to (insert acquaintance's name here)'s home to grill out, etc.

At times I appreciated the structure and not having to worry about the planning, organizing, etc. I just had to get dressed, round up the kids and gear, and then go. As a single parent, I am busy enough with work and chores and the Little One that I rarely thing very far ahead with social plans.

As I look forward to the Memorial Day weekend, I really don't have any plans. I have some plans. Saturday morning Finicky has offered to help me change the brakes on my car. But apart from that, I have made no plans. I suppose Little One and I will chill by the pool and maybe make some BBQ. I think we will also make a library trip and I will get some more work done.

I hope you have more exciting holiday plans.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The American Civil War - A Presentation

Little One has volunteered my services at her school to give a presentation on the American Civil War. In particular I will be discussing the events in and around Alabama during that time to a room full of 4th graders.

My father was a re-enactor, so I have his old uniform and kit that I plan to take as show and tell items. I am debating whether or not to wear the uniform or just have it on hand. I won't be bringing any firearms, per state laws.

I am also going to develop a Powerpoint presentation with maps, some images of locales, and some statistics. More to follow.