Monday, December 10, 2012

Road Trip!

I took a brief road trip over the weekend, to Nashville. The weather was cool, grey and rainy. Not that I cared much, really. I went to Two Rivers Park and wandered around for a bit. The weather kept many away, I am sure, but there were a few other stalwarts out, some walking, some jogging, some playing golf, both the kind with clubs and the kind with Frisbees.

Judging by the amount of traffic near the shopping areas I passed, a lot of folks were doing their damnedest to prop up the economy through rampant consumerism. I didn't really buy anything this weekend, apart from gas for the car, a couple of Redbox DVD rentals, snacks and a couple of meals out.

One meal was noteworthy, at a place called The Silly Goose.The atmosphere was good. My friend and I went at peak dinner time on Saturday night, but didn't have to wait long at all. We sampled some local cheeses and then enjoyed our meals. I opted for fish and she went for a vegetarian plate; we shared liberally. They had a decent wine list, but as I was already a little tired, it was raining, and I was pretty much a stranger to the area I decided not to add another level of complexity to my driving.

The last time I went to Nashville I had dined in the same neighborhood. It was interesting how, even in the dark and rain, I started to remember the area from a visit some time ago.

I do enjoy getting out on these short trips, and Nashville has a lot yet for me to explore.