Friday, September 28, 2012

Preparing to Drop the NQ from the EW!

So, I went to court this week for the big D. It had all the makings of an ugly, drawn out fight, with lots of mud slinging and hearsay.

As it happens, though, I was able to the settle with the NQ-EW (note the hyphen). I think I made a good deal, and Little One and are poised for bright futures, I think.

Thanks to all who have supported me through this terribly long process.

Monday, September 3, 2012

It's Official - Fall is (almost) Here

There are several seasonal points that I can use to make my argument:
1) Little One has returned to school.
2) Football dominates the idiot box and the water cooler talk, and all of the yahoos at Wal-mart are wearing their team colors, even though many have never matriculated at the university they support.
3) Little One has brought home a slew of new germs and viruses that are having a hey-day with our innards.

Let me focus on #3 for now. I have a fall (later summer) cold. It is annoying. I have been congested, tired and achy. It would be one thing if my minor illness and lack of energy only impacted me, but it doesn't. Little One, who has been under the weather to a lesser degree, has been bored over this holiday weekend. I haven't had the energy to keep her entertained, even to the normal level of activity that we have.

The state fair is in town and Little One wants to attend. We had thought that the NQEW would take her next weekend, but we have learned that plan will not come into action. Little One really wanted to go yesterday, but I lacked the will and the energy to go. Today, will I still don't have the will, I might have the energy. I am grateful that it is raining and my resolve will not be tested.

Our state fair is not a "great state fair" famed in song and story. It is more a collection of carnival rides and vendors of unhealthy foods gathered together in the parking lot of an outdoor music venue. I have been to state fairs in places where there are animals on display, contests for baked goods and such, and big name musical acts.

From the web site, it appears that one day there will be sheep at the state fair, but I think that these critters may be there to keep the lustful urges of the carnies sated. There are 3 musical acts scheduled, but we don't even rate big name has beens or almost weres. These are some no name folks. Well, hopefully they are being paid in cash and not in game tickets and ride passes.

There is also a safety concern with the transportable rides. My state is one of roughly a dozen in the US with no regulations of amusement rides and no safety inspection staff. That is probably just as well, as our state government has a long and colorful history of bribery and corrupt public officials so at least we don't sleep under the blanket of a false sense of security.
This looks exciting!

And now, I have hauled myself and LO into the office. We needed to get out of the house for a bit and I am a sucker for bad office coffee and hanging out with temp workers with H1B visas who don't celebrate US holiday.LO has thus far drawn pictures on copy paper, made a long chain of paper clips, eaten a snack, fetched me some coffee, and has now withdrawn to a conference room to play with markers and a white board.

Enough for now....enjoy your holiday.