Friday, August 31, 2012

Preparing for Labor Day

I am reminded on an old BC comic by Johnny Hart on the subject of this holiday:
Labor Day, Labor Day, what a dumb day.
You hire some jerk, then send him away
To celebrate work by playing all day.

Little One and I haven't made any plans, yet. We are trying to finish getting settled into the new place. We need to purchase some new dishes. We had our old plates for 3 years, and they had taken a beating. We have thus far been using the fine china (and are both growing weary of the hand washing) and paper plates. 

So we will be doing some shopping. Little One needs a few more outfits for school, and as the saying goes, "Daddy needs a new pair of shoes." A trip to the library is also in order, and there is always ice skating.

i hope you enjoy the holiday weekend.